Esthers Musings Flipbook Compilations – DPT/NHS Design Work (2020/2021)

Esther’s Weekly Musings Compilation 25th March – 23rd September 2020.

Right from the very start of the pandemic lockdown (UK), these weekly/monthly musings (written by Esther the author and themed/designed and laid out by myself) were posted on the DRLC website. These musings were written from one persons perspective/viewpoint during a confusing and uncertain time for the world. They contained a wide variety of material, ranging from ideas/projects to serious topics, they’re a colourful kaleidoscope of  wonder to browse through at your leisure.

As the last lockdown came to an end (UK) I was asked to compile together all of the published musings. I thought what better way than to present them as a series of flipbook compilations. This gave me the opportunity to revise and tidy up the original musings and add a bit of sparkle. I’m really proud of them, hope you enjoy. :0)

You can still see these on the DRLC website here: